Suet Cylinder Feeders

Suet Cylinders

A New Way to Offer Suet for Your Birds

Long-lasting and easy-to-use, our No-melt Suet Cylinders are an easy way to offer a high-energy, high-fat food to clinging and perching birds. Offer No-melt Suet when seasonal temperatures are above 95º F. Our No-melt Suet is rendered and refined to remove impurities that cause spoilage, and it's designed to withstand temperatures up to 130° F. Our No-melt Suet contains high-quality ingredients and makes every trip to the feeder count.

Birds that eat suet also find natural food sources, such as insects and larvae, for a well-rounded diet. Birds that eat both insects and seeds, like chickadees and nuthatches, will also visit suet feeders.

Hot Pepper Suet Cylinder