Knoxville, Tennessee

Liz & Tony Cutrone

Liz & Tony Cutrone

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Knoxville, Tennessee

7240 Kingston Pike,
Suite 164
Knoxville, TN 37919

Phone: (865) 337-5990
Fax: (865) 337-5991
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Store Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun - Sun: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Greetings from the Folks @the Knoxville Wild Birds Unlimited® Nature Shop!   Hummingbird Swing

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FREE Swing

When You Buy a WBU Hummingbird Feeder*

*For DSC members only. Valid only at the participating store(s) listed. One discount per purchase. Offer not valid on previous purchases or sale items. Offer valid 05/25/17 thru 05/29/17 at the Knoxville TN WBU location.

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 Attract More Birds to Your Yard with Water.

Dripper bird bath

We carry so many birdbaths it is hard to describe exactly what you might find at our store.

Birdbaths and bird fountains are made out of every conceivable material, in every shape and size and can be placed anywhere you wish: on pedestals, chains, or decks.

We have recirculating fountains, big and small.  We have Water wigglers!  We also have Drippers & Misters of all sorts to wet-it-up around your birdbath.  Want to keep it clean and healthy around your water works, we have all sorts of cleaners and Mosquito inhibitors.  

 Birdbath cleaning tip:  What can I put in my bird bath to keep it clean?

We do not recommend putting anything in your bird bath to keep it clean. Every other day you should empty the bath, scrub it with a brush and rinse it well. Refill with fresh water. If the alga builds up quickly, you can use ten parts water to one part bleach solution to clean the bird bath. Be sure to rinse well and place fresh water in the bath.

The Joy Of Bird Feeding - The Perfect Gift!

Joy of Bird Feeding

Filled with useful information and illustrated with more than 800 images and 180 maps, The Joy of Bird Feeding is the essential guide for anyone who loves to feed the birds. In this book, Jim Carpenter, founder and president of Wild Birds Unlimited, shares a lifetime of bird feeding passion and experience, answers common hobby problems and provides fun bird feeding activities to share with family and friends. The Joy of Bird Feeding is the ultimate reference for backyard bird watchers and bird feeders. It offers practical tips and solutions to attracting and identifying birds, offering the best foods for the birds you want to see, and how to deter those unwanted guests to feeding stations. Each chapter focuses on an important aspect of the hobby and guides readers to the essential steps of bird feeding mastery.

Regular List Price: $28.00

Sale Price (20% OFF): $22.40

DSC Members (25% Off): $21.00


Get Up Close & Personal With Your Favorite Birds

Window feeders are exciting feeders, because they attract the birds to within a few inches of you. Movement inside the house will scare the birds momentarily, but they soon come back. We recommend these feeders near your breakfast window so as you sip your coffee you have a "close encounter" with nature to start the day. Young children are especially thrilled to see birds so close, as are the aged or infirmed that cannot see birds at a distant feeder.

Another way to get a close up view of your favorite birds is by keeping a pair of binoculars handy. You’ll be amazed at how binoculars can increase your enjoyment of birds by bringing the details up close. Whether it’s identifying birds in the field or enjoying an afternoon of watching birds at your feeder, we have a mini, compact or standard size binocular for you.

 Hummingbirds-Everything You Need To Know

  How About A Gift Card

Gift Card

Looking for a Mother's Day gift, but you're not exactly sure of what your mom would want?  Try a Wild Birds Unlimited Gift Card!  ------- They're redeemable at all Wild Birds Unlimited locations and they allow your mom to pick out the nature gift she really wants.





The Classic Bird Feeder is One of Our Favorites

Efficiency, Functionality and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Quality bird feeder

It all started with the  Classic Bird Feeder.  In 1990, Jim Carpenter, founder, president and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, set out to create the perfect wooden bird feeder. He designed a stylish, durable and easily maintainable feeder that offered the one feature found in no other feeder - the ability to see bird feeding better.

That day, the Wild Birds Unlimited Classic Hopper Feeder was born. Its design has kept its integrity for over 15 years and has become the symbol for the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise.

Throughout the years, we've made sure that all our feeders, whether hopper, seed tube, finch feeders, or wild bird feeders offer that same feature - the ability to see bird feeding better.

In fact, from a functional point-of-view, the following characteristics are built into all our bird feeders:

• All birds are visible to the viewer
• It is easily hung or post-mounted
• It is easy to fill
• It is easy to clean
• It is sturdy and weathers well
• Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We want you to have the best possible experience from your bird feeding hobby. And that all starts with high-quality wild bird feeders and bird seed.

Does Mom need a Birdwatching Field Guide?

We've Got All the Resources You Need

Bird watching

You can see and learn as much as you want to about birdwatching and nature by choosing the field guides or other nature education resources that best meet your needs.

Whether it’s identifying a new bird in your backyard, tracking your hikes in your nature journal, or researching the birds on your computer, (Bird Identifier) we have what you need to enjoy the hobby more.

We stock a full library of comprehensive, regional and area specific birdwatching field guides. Whether you want to know only about the birds in your yard, or you want to identify the shorebirds on your next trip, we have the bird guide that's right for you. We also carry computer software that will help you learn not only by sight, but also by sound.

Visit us at the store in Franklin to see and learn more about our bird books and other educational resourses.

Bird Moms

hummingbird babiesA new generation of birds will soon be entering the world and the food and housing we provide can make a significant difference on how well they will thrive and survive in our own backyards.

Recent research studies have shown that bird moms with access to bird feeders will often lay their eggs earlier than those without feeders. This is significant because earlier broods typically have better rates of survival and fledging success than later ones.

Feeders also allow breeding birds to spend less time searching for food and more time selecting better nesting sites and constructing higher quality nests. The adults will also have more time available for protecting their nest, eggs and young from predators.

When abundant, quality food is accessible to parent birds it means that more food is provided to their chicks. Studies have shown that this extra nutrition reduces aggression among nest siblings and increases their rate of growth.

But food is not the only key in helping birds to nest successfully in your yard. A properly designed and installed nesting box can make a significant improvement in nesting success, especially during extreme periods of cold and damp weather.

Now is the time to take action for the next generation of birds in your yard. Drop by the store for all the products and expert advice you need to get started or update your offering.