Community Involvement


Gap Creek Elementary School Principal James Slay, Tiffiny Hamlin (WBU Store Manager), Warren Hamlin (WBU), Jerry Bauguess (WBU)

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Feeder Swap promotion last month. Several of the traded feeders that were still functional were cleaned up and donated to Gap Creek Elementary School.

Gap Creek Elementary School is a small (about 70 students) school in south Knoxville. It was first built in 1865, and even though it's larger now, the original brick schoolhouse still remains part of the current school. The majority of the school is filled with children from the community whose parents and grandparents live or lived in the same community and even attended the same school!

After meeting Principal James Slay and learning about the school, we were thrilled to donate this feeding station to Gap Creek Elementary School!

And we couldn't agree more with Gap Creek's moto: Work Hard and Be Nice!!

Feeding Station at Gap Creek Elementary.