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How to Accessorize Your Advanced Pole System®

 Video Transcript

(Description: The video title is displayed, “How to Accessorize Your Advanced Pole System.” A male naturalist from Wild Birds Unlimited is shown demonstrating various bird feeding products.)

[Speaker] Whether you’re just starting out with the Advanced Pole System hardware setup, or you already have one setup or multiples in your yard, there are different accessories to help you further enjoy the backyard bird feeding hobby.

The first would be our squirrel baffle to help keep squirrels at bay and to keep your food for the birds. Easily placing this on your setup will help keep those squirrels away from the foods. You can also with our E-Z Attach attachments, our Side Dish feeder quickly and easily snaps on so you can feed mealworms, Bark Butter Bits or other foods that you’d like.

We also have a decorative branch perch that easily slips on. Birds are able to use this as an extra place to perch. Goldfinches like to sit here while they wait their turn on feeders or chickadees will use this to grab a morsel of food and instead of flying away to a tree out of sight, they might land here to feed so you have longer views of the birds at your feeder.

So these and other accessories are available for your Advanced Pole System to help you greater enjoy your bird feeding hobby. 

Arm Yourself

Adding another arm to your Advanced Pole System® (APS) setup is simple with our EZ-Attach Single Crook Arm. It's ideal for hanging tube feeders or smaller hanging feeders. Our EZ-Attach design makes adding accessories to an APS setup a snap. Just slip the EZ-Attach unit on an extension pole and pull down. (Feeder, bird food and pole not included.)





An EZ Way to Keep Resting Birds Nearby

Placing an EZ-Attach Advanced Pole System® (APS) Decorative Branch Perch on your bird feeding station is the perfect way to give your birds a little R and R between feedings. Some birds will take turns eating at a feeder. Typically, they will wait out of view in a nearby tree or bush. Our decorative perch allows birds to remain in sight while they wait to eat. It can also be used to hang additional lightweight feeders.




Birds will love the "side dishes" you place in this feeder.

Our SideDish™ can offer a variety of foods, whether it's mealworms, seed blends, fruit or our always popular Suet Snacks. A variety of food will attract a greater variety of birds to your backyard, and this feeder gives you a way to cater to many birds' tastes. And thanks to our EZ-Attach design, adding this feeder to your Advanced Pole System® (APS) setup is a snap. Just slip the EZ-Attach unit on an extension pole and pull down.